Top 5 Best Microwave Ovens under 10000 in India (July 2017)


If you have a question in your mind which is best microwave oven in India? or How to select good microwave oven? then you come at right place. Here we list out Best Microwave Ovens under 10000 from the Indian market. We highly suggestion you to check our buying guide before buying an oven. We update this list every weekend and we try our best to provide latest and best oven to buy in India. If you have any questions, please comment on Post, and you also ask questions on twitter and Facebook.

Plese read this Before Buying Microwave Ovens:

Type of Oven?

Convection All recipes, Cooking, Grilling, Baking, Reheat, Defrost
Grill Grilling, Noodles, and pasta, Reheat, Defrost, Coffee, Tea
Solo Simple recipes, Reheat, Defrost, Tea, Noodles, Rice


Small families  15L to 17L
Medium families 20L to 25L – 4 to 6 persons
Large families 25L and above – more than 6 persons

What type of features do I need in my smart oven?

Auto Cook Menu The oven will automatically set the power and cooking time on some popular recipes.
Defrost This function quickly unfreeze frozen food.
Child Lock Saftey is No 1 priority
Pre-heat, Reheat Preheating is getting your oven to a set temperature before cooking, Useful while Baking.
Timer Automatically end a heating or cooking program after a specified duration

There are lots of other factors you need to know before buying But don’t worry we make this list according to all necessary factors. So save your time and make shopping happy.

These are the best Solo, grill, and Convection microwave ovens under 10000 for this month

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1IFB 23SC3 23 L Convection Microwave Oven

The IFB 23SC3 is our first choice in the list of best Convection microwave ovens under 10000 Rs. This advanced multi-functional oven comes with huge 23L capacity with some unique features. It has a chrome finish front with touch control panel with led display. The Keep Warm feature that maintains a constant temperature to keep cooked food warm. It’s Steam Clean and Deodorize function help keep the oven clean and germ-free. Another advanced feature is a combo/muti-stage cooking with grill and convection combination.

The stainless steel oven has 10 different power levels that allow you to set it according to the item being cooked. You can easily operate this oven because it has a 10 auto cook menus that gives you the option of cooking all your favorite dishes without requiring much effort. It also comes child lock function and Weight Defrost feature that lets you thaw food based on how much it weighs. More info please check our spec table.

Buy now (Low price Flipkart Rs.9500)
Price Rs.9500
Type/Capacity 23L, Convection
Performance Features Defrost, 10 Power level, Reheat, Timer, 10 Temperature Range
Convenience Features Deodorizer, Child Lock, Stainless Steel Cavity
Cooking Features 10 Auto cook menu, Multi – Stage Cooking, Express Cooking, grill, Convection, Microwave.
Additional Features combo/muti-stage, Keep Warm, Keep Warm
Warranty 1 Year Product & 3 Years on Magnetron

2Morphy Richards 25CG 25 L Convection Oven

The Morphy Richards 25CG is our second choice in the list of best Microwave Ovens under 10000. Actually, we select this oven for fist rank but according to price and availability, we give it second rank. I personally use this Convection Oven and I really satisfied with performance, design, build quality and functions of this oven. Morphy Richards 25CG offer  200 Auto Cook Menus, so you can experiment with new recipes. It also comes with defrost, Timer, Cooling function, and muti-stage cooking feature.

Morphy Richards 25CG feature a 3 Way heating system grill, quartz & convection heating with 11 Power levels. It has a child lock, overheat alerts and sensory protection for safety. All over I am very happy with this value for money oven. more info please check our spec table.

Buy now (Low price Flipkart Rs.9000)
amazonflipkartSnapdeal logo
Price Rs.9000
Type/Capacity 25L, Convection
Performance Features Defrost, 11Power level, Timer, 3 Way heating system
Convenience Features Deodorizer, Child Lock, Stainless Steel Cavity, Overheat Protection, Sensory Protection
Cooking Features 200 Auto cook menu, Multi – Stage Cooking, grill, Convection, Cooling function
Additional Features Muti-stage, Preset Function
Warranty 1 Year Product & 3 Years on Magnetron

3Whirlpool Magicook 20L Convection Microwave

This Whirlpool Magicook is our third choice in the list of best Microwave Ovens under 10000. This Magicook oven available in two color variants black and white with 20L capacity. On the design front, it looks very stylish with full black color. The oven has a LED display over it to show the time and easy access to the menu. Control panel is specially designed for easy use and very easy to understand everything with touch keys.

There are 6 pre-programmed magic menus on a panel to cook meals like noodles, pasta or curry. It comes with 118 auto cook recipe menus for easy cooking. It also has a combination cooking feature where two modes are used at the same time. You can cook a large quantity of food with this oven, thanks to 245 mm Turntable. When coming to safety it has a feature like overheating, shock proof, and much more but we miss child look.

Buy now (Low price Amazon Rs.8400)
flipkartamazonSnapdeal logo
Price Rs.8400
Type/Capacity 20L, Convection
Performance Features Preheat, Defrost, reheat, 10 Power level, Timer, 3 Way heating system
Convenience Features Deodorizer, Grill Rack, Stainless Steel Cavity, Overheat Protection, shock proof
Cooking Features 118 Auto cook menu, Combi Cooking, Multi-Stage Cooking
Additional Features Manual Defrost, Preset Function
Warranty 1 Year Product & 2 Years on Magnetron

4Onida MO20CJP27B 20 L Convection Oven

The Onida MO20CJP27B is our fourth choice in the list of best convection microwave ovens under 10000. The 20L Onida oven looks very good with black glass, chrome button, control display, and tact button. When coming to features, it has a Preheat, Defrost, Reheat, Timer, Deodorizer, Keep Warm, Express Cooking, Multi-Stage cooking, and much more.  If you are a searching for the best Convection Oven under Rs.7000, then this one is perfect for you.

Onida MO20CJP27B feature a 54 Auto Indian Cook Menu with Multi-Stage cooking function. It has all the feature you need in your oven like, Keep warm, steam warm, Steam clean, and calorie meter. On the safety side, it has a child lock, Overheat Protection and shock proof protection.

Buy now (Low price Flipkart Rs.7000)
flipkartamazonSnapdeal logo
Price Rs.7000
Type/Capacity 20L, Convection
Performance Features Preheat, Defrost, reheat, 10 Power level, Timer, Calorie meter,
Convenience Features Keep Warm, Steam warm, Steam clean, Child look, shock proof
Cooking Features 54 Auto cook menu, Combi Cooking, Express Cooking, Multi-Stage cooking
Additional Features Weight, Timer
Warranty 1 Year Product

5Bajaj 2005ETB 20 L Grill Microwave Oven

The Bajaj 2005ETB is our fifth choice in the list of best Microwave Ovens under 10000 Rs. This 20L bajaj Microwave oven ideal for office and bachelor use. it comes with 5 different power levels and various pre-set Auto Cook menus for easy cooking. You can easily cook chicken, fish, meat, potato, Tea with a single click. This Microwave Oven also comes wit60-minutenute digital timer for deep cooking items, especially Indian. It also loaded with advanced features like Weight Defrost, Time Defrost, and express cook. More info please check our spec table.

Buy now (Low price Flipkart Rs.5800)
flipkartamazonSnapdeal logo
Price Rs.5800
Type/Capacity 20L, Grill
Performance Features Defrost, Weight Defrost, Time Defrost, Time
Convenience Features Child Lock, Multi-Power Levels, Timer in Minutes: 60
Cooking Features Auto Cook Menu, Express Cooking, Multi-Stage Cooking, Auto Cook, Combination Cooking
Additional Features Digital Timer, Electronic Controls
Warranty 1 Year Product


This Samsung Oven is our sixth choice in the list of the best Microwave Oven In India. First, I am very impressed with the design of this oven. It very slim and lightweight compare to other. The interior of the oven has no corners, so you can easily clean this oven. It has a Speed Defrost function, that easily and quickly defrost your frozen foods within 1 minute. This Samsung oven also has an Auto-cook option, Reminder, Child lock, Clock, and much more.

Buy now (Low price Amazon Rs.5600)
flipkartamazonSnapdeal logo
Price Rs.5600
Type/Capacity 20L, Solo
Performance Features Defrost, TDS, 6 Power Levels,
Convenience Features Child Lock, Multi-Power Levels, Timer in Minutes: 60
Cooking Features Auto Cook Menu, Auto Cook, 99min Maximum Cooking Time
Additional Features Digital Timer, Child Lock
Warranty 1 Year Product

7Bajaj 1701 MT 17-Litre Solo Microwave Oven

This Bajaj Solo Microwave Oven is our last choice in the list of best Best Microwave Ovens under 10000. This oven comes with 17L capacity and 5 power levels options for different food. It allows you to cook and reheat food up to 30 minutes of a cooking timer. If you are searching best Microwave Oven under 5000 Rs then this one is perfect for you.

Buy now (Low price Flipkart Rs.4500)
flipkartamazonSnapdeal logo
Price Rs.4500
Type/Capacity 17L, Solo
Performance Features Defrost, 5 Power Levels, Time Defrost
Convenience Features Multi-Power Levels, Timer in Minutes: 30
Cooking Features Cooking Completion Indicator, 30min Maximum Cooking Time
Additional Features
Warranty 1 Year Product


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