10 Best earphones under 500 Rs in India (Updated January 2017)

Here we list out 5 best earphones under 500 Rs in India according to their sound quality, build quality and customer reviews. We tried and checked earphones quality also. If you have any questions, please comment on Post, and you can ask questions on twitter and Facebook.

Why you spend more money when you can get a great headphone in the budget of 500rs. Here given below is the list of Best earphones under 500 Rs.

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1Philips SHQ1200/10 ActionFit

The Philips SHQ1200/10 is our first choice in the list of best earphones under 500 Rs. These headphone is giving amazing audio sound with extreme  bass effect. Actually Philips ActionFit is Sport headphone, so it’s good for Sport and Gym activity. It’s also Water proof and dust Resistant.

These headphones ensure a snug and comfortable fit – no matter how long or strenuous your workout. You also get to choose from three ear cap sizes for an optimal fit. It’s come with its own clip and storage pouch for easy cable management and safe storage. Philips give 1 year warranty with this headphone.

Type Wired In the Ear Closed Back
Microphone No
Colour Orange and Gray
Impedance 32ohms
Frequency 30 – 20000 Hz
110 dB/mW (Power On)
Warranty 1 Year
Buy now: (Low price Amazon Rs.509)

2boAt BassHeads 220 & 200 with Microphone

The boat 200 is our second choice in the list of best earphone under 500 Rs. If you want the best earphone with deep Bass and microphone at this price, than this one is best option for you. The material used to manufacture these earphones is polished metal that ensures its longevity. The tangle-free cable and gold-plated angled 3.5 mm plug ensures that you do not face any problems while using these earphones. It’s also comes with noise-cancelling microphone for your valuable phone call.

The sound quality of this earphone quite impressive with super extra bass effect. Super extra bass provides a fulfilling experience and the earphones have a wide frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 KHz that minimises any distortion of sound quality. We used this headphone with a lot of devices, we don’t get any compatibility issue.

Price Rs.500
Microphone Yes
Cord type / Size 3.5 mm jack
Compatible Mobile, Laptop, PC, TV, Mp3 player, etc…
Color Black
Frequency 20 Hz – 20 KHz
Warranty 1 Year
Buy now: (Low price Flipkart Rs.500)

3Philips SHE3200

The Philips SHE3200 is recently introduce by Philips with premium build quality and sexy look. Design of these earphones is base on how our ears are shaped so that they can fit snugly and comfortably in anybody’s ear. You have three colors option in this earphone, Black, White and Blue.

These earphones are equipped with 14.32 mm drivers neodymium magnet and bass vents that create rich Bass and clear sound, according to Philips. We checked some EDM and pop tracks on this earphone, it’s delivered very clear sound with deep bass.

Price Rs.500
Microphone No
Cord type / Size 3.5 mm jack
Compatible Mobile, Laptop, PC, TV, Mp3 player, etc…
Color Black, White, Blue
Frequency 24000 Hz
Sensitivity 107 dB/mW
Warranty 6 month
Buy now: (Available only on Flipkart Rs.500)

4Panasonic RP-HJE125E

The Panasonic RP-HJE125E is our fourth choice in the list of best earphone s under 500 Rs. This earphones available in various colors like black, white, blue, yellow, pink, red, orange and purple. This earphone has improved audio quality. The audio dynamics and projection from the headphone is crystal clear and free of any interference or distortion. We surprised with bass effect of this earphone, it has a very good bass effect compare to it’s price. We highly recommend this headphone for music lover.

The Ergofit earbuds come with three sizes of ear inserts. They also blocked out most outside noise of people chatting and cars passing on the street. It’s equipped with a microphone, so you can now easily take calls and speak hands free while on the move.

Price Rs.509
Microphone No
Cord type / Size 100 cm, 3.5 mm jack
Compatible Mobile, Laptop, PC, TV, Mp3 player, etc…
Color Black-green, Black-red, Black-silver
Frequency 20 – 16000 Hz
Sensitivity 42 dB/mW
Warranty 6 Month
Buy now: (Rs.499) – Low Price Flipkart

5Philips SHE1405 with microphone (With Mic)

The Philips SHE1455BK is fifth best earphones under 500 Rs. This earphone available in two color variant, black and white. On the design front, it’s look very stylish and durable.The cable connector is well-protected by the soft rubber that’s between these headphones and the cable. This way, these headphones’ life is extended. It’s includes 2 pair of comfortable ear cups that are accessible in several sizes. Sound quality of this headphone is very clear and balanced.

You can Enjoy hands-free calling by using the integrated microphone and call button. This earphone come with 1.2-metre-long cable, it’s good for travailing and gym. The main advantage of this headphone, isolate external noises, so you can listen to music in peace even when you’re stuck in traffic. We check this earphone with smartphones and mp3 player, delivered very good output. It has a very low quality sound driver which is 3mm only, but we can’t expect much more at this price.

Price Rs.349
Type Wired In the Ear
Microphone Yes
Colour Black, white
Impedance 16 ohm
Frequency 10 – 22000 hertz
Buy now: (Low price Amazon Rs.349)

6Audio Technica ATH-CLR100 BK

The Audio Technica has been known for some outstanding audio equipment, most notably their headphones. We can wholeheartedly say that these are some of the best pairs of in-ear headphones you can by in this price range. This headphone is available in lime green, blue, red, pink, purple, black, white, and orange.

The headphones themselves come with a hard plastic case bundled in the package, allowing you to roll them up and keep them safe when you’re on the go. All music genres sound great using these headphones, with rock offering nice guitar and percussion, pop offering poppy sounds fitting to the genre, and hip hop sounding good but slightly lacking bass in this area.

Price Rs.577
Cord length/type 1.2 m , 3.5 mm
Microphone No
Colour Black, white, pink, blue, red, yellow
Impedance 32 ohm
Frequency 20 Hz – 22000 Hz
Sensitivity 103 dB/mW
Buy now: (Low price Amazon Rs.577)

7Sennheiser MX 170

The Sennheiser MX 170 is our seventh pick in the list of best earphones under 500 Rs. On the design front, it’s look very simple and old, but don’t go into it’s look, focus on sound quality and comfort. These ergonomic and lightweight Sennheiser earphones are designed to provide amazing wearing comfort for long hour listing experience. Thanks to the cable design, you will not have to deal with wire tangling issues.

The Audio quality of this earphone is really awesome compare to price range. The bass quality of this earphones is powerful and drives an ultra-stereo as these are optimized for music playback and ideal for listening to genres like rock, pop and hip-hop. More info please check specification table.

Price Rs.499
Microphone No
Cord type / Size 120 cm, 3.5 mm jack
Compatible Mobile, Laptop, PC, TV, Mp3 player, etc…
Color Black
Frequency 22 – 22000 hertz
Sensitivity 109 db/mW
Warranty 2 Year
Buy now: (Low price Amazon Rs.499)

8Philips SHE 3590BK/98

The Philips SHE 3590BK/98 is our last choice in this list. These headphones have small speakers that deliver big, clear sound and block outside noise, so you can immerse yourself in music while commuting to work. It’s come with 6 Month warranty.

The 1.2-metre-long cable provides enough slack between the headphones and your audio player. This headset has soft rubber between earphones and the cable which protects it from damage through repeated bending.

Price Rs.399
Type Wired in-the-ear headphone
Microphone No
Colour black,white,blue,pink,purple,yellow,gray
Impedance 16 ohm
Frequency 12 – 23500 Hz
Sensitivity 103 dB/mW (Power On)
Buy now: (Low price Amazon Rs.399)


  1. Yup Good post with with best collection under Rs 500 for earphones. And I’ve seen puma Earphone for 399 Rs/- can i Bought it.

  2. I want to buy one budget oriented earphones around 500rs. I m looking for good build quality, grate sound quality, little bit bass, comfort and of course it should be have durability bcoz I want to use it for a long time. In sum up I want best one in this price segment.I m little bit confused about mi basic, Audio Technica ATH-CLR100 BK, Jbl T100A, Skullcandy S2DUDZ, boat BassHeads 200, House of Marley Little Bird EM-JE061-BK Earphones with Mic. So please sugget me best one among of that. Apart from this if u know batter then this in this range please comment. Help me guys. Thankx in advance.

  3. I want to buy a earphone with mic which is most durable(Rough use).
    My main use of it is watching movies on my lap while in train.
    Budget can be stretched to Rs. 1k too.
    Can anyone suggest a good one.
    Thanks in Advance

  4. Hi there! I want to buy an earphone with a good sound, bass quality. I also wanted a hands free mic in it.

    I like philips actionfit and house of marly earphones (the 2nd & 3rd earphones of your list), please suggest a good one(p.s. soundmagic es11s got pretty bad reviews,)

  5. hi sir recently i was using mi basic handfree of rs.300 i lost it in my classroom now i want the same quality like i had in mi handfree plz suggest me the handfree with the same quality or higher than mi basic………waiting for you reply

  6. Hi
    Can any one suggest me the best Ear over headphone with long cord for TV listening purpose,
    Please suggest low cost one.

  7. I have used house of Marley earphones and JBL too. To be honest, I bought these two in just a span of eight months. Faced no issue with sound quality or bass but the problem is with the wires. Wear and tear is a big issue with wired earphones. Once wire is damaged there is nothing one could do with earphones. So, I decided to say no to these big brand names. I have nothing against them, just want to share my problems. Recently, bought one less priced earphone from latestone website by the name ptron hbe7 for just for rs 299. Wire quality is different from the ones which I had used in the past. Sound quality good and marley and jbl were excellent. One thing is confirmed, quality come with a price tag. People who have very high expectation should always go for premium brand earphones. People with limited budget can survive with earphones like hbe7.

  8. Motorola 3.5mm Premium Earbuds w/ Remote and Mic – Black
    Philips SHQ1200/10 ActionFit
    which one is better?
    for clear sound,bass effect.noise cancellation?
    plz answer fastly

    • Hi Abhishek,

      Sorry for delay response. According to your requirement Philips SHQ1200/10 ActionFit is perfect for you, but it’s not come with microphone. If you need more suggestion please replay this comment with your price budget range.

  9. Hi sir,
    I want to buy an earphone which have best built quality for long term usage. Under 500
    I compromise sound quality but not built quality. So help me which one is best for me??

  10. Hii sir
    I want to buy an earphone with mic which have best built quality for long term usage under 500 or low cost. I want good sound output and clarity.
    Thankyou in advance

  11. Hi,
    I bought a mi basic in ear headphone just 7 months ago and just yesterday its right magnet just failed. So can u suggest me lusting earphones for atleast 1 year. My budget is only 500.and another thing i use headphones for like more than 3 hours everyday. So plzz rply and with best lusting headphones in that range. Plzzz

  12. I need a earphone without earbuds, with mic. Sennheiser MX 170 are good but they look very ordinary.
    Can you suggest another one?

  13. I want good good bass and good clear sound quality and also good built quality for my red MI 3s prime. Which is better for me in your list?

  14. Sir I am using JBL T250si in my lyf phone but they didn’t give me good quality but when I plug them into my laptop the gives great sound so what is the reason and what should I do for good quality like laptop in smartphone

  15. hi , I am using lenovo k4 note, which earphone is suitable, music quality should be exceptionally well, please help, my budget arount 1k


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