Top 5 Best air cooler under 5000 Rs in India – April 2017


5 best Air cooler under 5000 Rs in India  (Updated April 2017)

Summer is coming and of course, You have generally been looking for a product which can provide them with quality cooling at an affordable price, so here we list out Best Air Cooler under 5000 Rs in India.

We list out this Air Coolers according to its Performance, build quality, user review and voting. Our editor team tried and checked cooler quality also. If you have any questions, please comment on Post, and you can also ask a question on Facebook and Twitter.

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1Kenstar CL-KCJLLW3H-EBA 12 Litres

The kenstar CL-KCJLLW3H-EBA is our first pick on the list of best air cooler under 5000 Rs. On the design front, it looks very stylish with white and gray color combination. The body is made of ABS plastic and this ensures durability and therefore a longer lifespan for the product. This body material is also rust-resistant and corrosion-resistant. It has a mosquito net/dust filter.

The cooling medium of this cooler is honeycomb pad and it has an ice chamber for extra cooling. There are three-speed settings for the cooler, so you can control the air flow as per your convenience. This air cooler has an air throw distance of 9.7 m and is suitable for rooms up to 100 sq.ft. It comes with a water tank capacity of 12 Litre which is enough to provide you cooling for a 9 hour.

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2Symphony 17 LTR Ice Cube XL i

The Symphony Ice Cube Xl i is second best air cooler under 5000 Rs. Symphony has become well known for its excellent models of air coolers with exotic design and wonderful features that will attract all. This air cooler is specially designed to give you lowest levels of noises to keep it from disturbing you in any way. It also comes with remote control and touch control for easy use.

Symphony Ice Cube Xl feature a three fan control, swing control and timer function with three options 1h, 2h, and 4h. This cooler is ideal for rooms up to 180sq.ft and consumes only 95 watts making it one of the most energy efficient. It has a powerful 30ft air throw with 17 L water tank. You cooling for a +12 hour. It also comes with mosquito nets to keep away mosquitoes and other insects from your air cooler. The dust filter filters all the dust particles and gives fresh and clean air.

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3Symphony 12 Ltr Diet

The Symphony 12 LTR diet is our third choice in the list of best air cooler under 5000 Rs. This air cooler is the perfect air cooler for small places like 100 sq.ft. It ensures even cooling with 30 feet air throw and the castor wheels make it easy to set up to the angle of your choice. You can manage the air throw level with a three-speed control option. The Diet 12T Air Cooler comes with a water tank capacity of 12 Litre which is enough to provide you cooling for a 9-12 hour.

The Symphony air cooler has a mosquito net and dust filters to keep you away from harmful viruses and mosquitos. It consumes just 170 watts of energy. Also, the device can work well even if you are using an inverter for power supply. It’s also come with ice chamber for high cooling. Symphony air cooler comes with 1-year Symphony India warranty.

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4Crompton Greaves PAC201

The Crompton Greaves Is fourth best air cooler under 5000 Rs. It has a water tank capacity of 20 liters making it perfect to use in smaller spaces like office cubicles and small bedrooms. The exterior of this air cooler is constructed using ABS plastic material for durability.

This air cooler maintains 20 feet air throw range to cover a cooling area up to 150 square feet. Air cooler comes with three-speed temperature control and easy-to-use knob mechanism for convenient and personalized temperature control. It is built with honeycomb cooling pads for effective temperature control. The four-way air deflection system means even and uniform cooling for any room. It’s also a comes with an ice chamber to improve its cooling output. The unit measures 445 x 425 x 645 mm and weighs 10 kilograms.

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5Mc Coy Major Slim Air Cooler

The MC Coy Major is fifth best air cooler under 5000 Rs. On the design front, White and gray colored dual toned body are made of 100% rust-proof ABS plastic known for its toughness, gloss and electrical insulation properties. Castor Wheels are there for easy handling/shifting. This compact air cooler comes in size dimension of 515 x 395 x 890 mm (L x W x H).

The Air cooler comes with a water tank capacity of 34 Litre which is enough to provide you cooling for a +20 hour. Air Throw Distance is 30 ft and Air Delivery Capacity of the motor is 1250 m3/hour. It comes with three-speed fan control for optimum air cooling control. A 250 Sq Ft area can be cooled down by this air cooler. It is fitted with a large ice chamber for extra cooling and water level indicator.

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