Top 5 Best Air Cooler under 10000 Rs in India (June 2017)


Summer Special: 5 best Air cooler under 10000 Rs in India  (Updated June 2017)

Summer is coming and of course, You have generally been looking for a product which can provide them with quality cooling at an affordable price, so here we list out Best Air Cooler under 10000 Rs in India.

We list out this Air Coolers according to its Performance, build quality, user review and recommendations. If you have any questions, please comment on Post, and you can also ask a question on Facebook and Twitter.

Reasons to Buy an Air Cooler

  • Air cooler is cheaper and low cost effective than AC and it doesn’t need timely maintenance and servicing, unlike AC.
  • The best things about air cooler are portability and it doesn’t generate CFCs and other harmful gasses into the environment.
  • It also consumes less power, so don’t worry about the light bill.

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1Symphony Touch 35 Air cooler

The Symphony Touch 35 is recently launched by a company for this summer. I am very impressed with cooling capacity and advance features of this air cooler. First, thank you to a symphony for this advance cooler. It’s come with Digital touch screen controller with various options. It also comes with a Remote controller. If you don’t know how to use this cooler, then don’t worry it has an advanced Voice assistant. This air cooler feature a Mosquito Repellent, so you don’t need mosquito coil in a room.

The Symphony Touch 35 has a 35 LTR water tank capacity and empty tank alarm. It has the capacity of cooling a room-sized 14 x 14 ft with air throw range of 25 feet. If you need higher capacity, then there are other four variants available with different size and capacity. Symphony design this cooler especially for Indian because it has a Sleep Mode and Off Timer, so you can save more energy. This symphony air cooler is easy to clean, thanks to the foldable design.

Buy now: (Low price Snapdeal Rs.8720)
amazonSnapdeal logo
Price Rs.8,700
Tank and Cooling capacity 35 LTR, 14 x 14 ft
Air Throw Distance 25 feet
Filters Dust Filter, Smell Filter, Bacterial Filter, Allergy Filter, UVC Germicidal, PM2.5 Wash Filter
Features Humidity Control, Auto louver movement, Cool flow dispenser, Empty tank alarm, Natural Mode, Sleep Mode, Off Timer, Fully closeable louver, Removable tank, Voice Assist, Removable cooling pads.
Power 185 watts
Warrenty 1 Year

2Symphony Hicool I 31-Litre

The Symphony Hicool i is our second choice in the list of the best air cooler under 10000 Rs. On the design front, it looks very stylish and compact with perfect size combination. Symphony HiCool I air cooler can cool a room-sized 200 sq. Feet with ease. It is, therefore, perfect for a master bedroom and living room. This Symphony cooler comes with 31-liter water tank capacity with air throw distance up to 37 feet. 

The Symphony Hicool come with fully functional remote control, Auto swing, humidity controller, system restore function, empty water tank alarm, Honeycomb cooling pads and 7 hours timer. If you need more info about features and filters please check our spec table. This power saver cooler Consumes only 185 watts and also run with an inverter.

Buy now: (Low price Amazon Rs.9300)
amazonSnapdeal logo
Price Rs.9,300
Tank and Cooling capacity 31 LTR, 200 sq. Feet
Air Throw Distance 37 feet
Filters Dust Filter, Mosquito net
Features Humidity Control, Dura-pump technology, Empty tank alarm, Sleep Mode, Off Timer, Inbuilt remote dock, Cool flow dispenser, System restore function, Auto swing
Power 185 watts
Warrenty 1 Year

3Symphony Diet I (22 Ltr, 50 Ltr)

The Symphony Diet is third best tower Air Cooler under 10000 Rs. it’s most value-for-money air coolers available in Indian market. Symphony Diet available in three range 22 Ltr, 50 Ltr, 12 Ltr, choose a right cooler according to your requirement. We recommended buying 22 Ltr and 50 Ltr capacity cooler. All of this coolers come with Remote control and mosquito net and dust filter so you are assured fresh, cool and dust-free air at all times. It’s also come with an ice pack chamber to maximize cooling for all environments.

These air coolers use is Honeycomb pads. These pads are designed to provide a balanced cooling effect across the room. The pads a fitted at an angle, which provides an equal mixing of water and air and is also cross fluted.

Symphony 22 Ltr Diet 22 I: The Symphony 22i air cooler has the capacity of cooling a room-sized 170 sq.ft. Therefore, this air cooler can be installed in a big room and is perfect for a big sitting room, hall or master bedroom. Loaded with large 22 Ltr tank capacity.

Symphony Diet 50i: The Symphony 50i ideal for rooms up to 25.sq.m./250 sq.ft. Loaded with large 50 Ltr tank capacity.

Symphony 22 Ltr(Low price Amazon) Symphony Diet 50 LTR (Amazon)
amazonSnapdeal logo  amazonSnapdeal logo

4Bajaj Icon DC2015

Bajaj Icon DC2015 is fourth best cooler under 10000 Rs. It has been built to provide an air throw range of 50 feet. As a result, it can cool an approximate area of 500 square feet with air throw distance of 50 feet. The Bajaj Icon comes with three different speed levels so you can conveniently adjust the temperature as per your needs. It has a large water tank capacity of 43 liters thus ensuring longer cooling periods. The unit has a built-in system for continuous water supply minimizing interruptions between cooling periods. Bajaj Icon requires about 230 volts and 50 Hz of power and consumes close to 200 watts of electricity.

Buy now: (Low price Amazon Rs.9600)
Snapdeal logoamazonflipkart
Price Rs.9,600
Tank and Cooling capacity 43 LTR, 500 sq. Feet
Air Throw Distance 50 feet
Filters No
Features Humidifier, Empty Tank Alarm, Water Level Indicator, Overflow Indicator, Ice Chamber,
Power 200 watts
Warrenty 1 Year

5Symphony Jumbo 41 & 51 & 22L

The Symphony Jumbo air coolers are our fifth choice in the list of best air cooler under 10000 Rs. If you need a desert cooler for large room and hall with huge water tank than this one is perfect for you. The symphony Jumbo comes in three options 41L, 51L, and 22L with 4ft height, so choose a right cooler according to your requirement.

The Symphony 41L and 51L have the capacity of cooling a room-sized up to 300 sq.ft and 22L has the capacity up to +180sq.ft. All of this coolers come with 3-speed control, Auto louver movement, Cool flow dispenser,  Dust filter, Mosquito net, and trolley. We highly suggest this cooler for hottest places in India because of capacity and quick cooling feature.

Symphony 41L Symphony 51L Symphony 22L
amazon amazon amazon

6Cello Dura Cool Plus 30-Litre


The Cello dura cool is our next choice in the list of best air cooler under 10000 Rs with 30-liter water tank capacity. On the design front, it looks very Sleek And Compact. We surprised with the build quality of this cooler, it’s really value for money product. Cello Marvel cool air cooler has the capacity of cooling a room-sized +170 sq ft. Therefore, this air cooler is perfect for your Big House, room, and Office. On the additional features, it’s come with Mosquito Net, Dust Filter Net, Adjustable Humidity Control, Ice Chamber, water indicator and much more. It also comes with Remote control, Empty tank alarm, and Timer. You can run this cooler even without electricity if you have the inverter at your place. It comes with a warranty of 1 year.

Buy now (Low price on Amazon Rs.7890)
amazonSnapdeal logo
Price Rs.7,890
Tank and Cooling capacity 60 LTR, +170 sq. Feet
Air Throw Distance 35 feet
Filters Dust filter
Features Empty Tank Alarm, Water Level Indicator, Honeycomb Cooling Pads, Turbo Cooling
Power 185 W
Warrenty 1 Year

7Symphony Touch 20

The Symphony Touch 20 is best personal air cooler under 10000 Rs. On the design front, it looks same as Touch 35 but this cooler does not come with remote control, Digital touch screen, and a Voice assistant. The Symphony Touch 20 id ideal for your personal room up to 150 sq.ft. It has a Symphony High-efficiency honeycomb pads with 25ft air throw distance. The Symphony Touch has a removable water tank honeycomb pads for easy cleaning. It also loaded with dust filter, I-Pure technology, and Mosquito repellent. 

Buy now: (Low price Amazon Rs.6200)
amazonSnapdeal logo
Price Rs.6,200
Tank and Cooling capacity 20 LTR, 150 sq. Feet
Air Throw Distance 25 feet
Filters Dust filter
Features Water Level Indicator, Honeycomb Cooling Pads, Cool flow dispenser, I-Pure technology
Power 180 W
Warrenty 1 Year

8Cello Trendy Plus 22-Litre

The Cello Trendy is our last pick for a list of best air cooler under 10000 Rs. It’s come with Powerful Blowers And Turbo Cooling System, Improved Honey Comb Cooling Pad And High-Efficiency Air Throw With Auto Swing, You Can Enjoy The Most Soothing Time. This cooler has an improved Honey Comb Cooling Pad And High-Efficiency Air Throw With Auto Swing technology. If you need Faster Cooling, you can add some ice cube in an ice chamber. This air cooler is perfect for a bedroom.

On the additional features, it’s come with Mosquito Net, Dust Filter Net, Adjustable Humidity Control, Ice Chamber, water indicator and much more. You can run this cooler even without electricity if you have an inverter at your place. It comes with a warranty of 1 year.

Buy now: (Low price Snapdeal Rs.6999)
amazonSnapdeal logo
Price Rs.6,999
Tank and Cooling capacity 20 LTR, 150 sq. Feet
Air Throw Distance 20 feet
Filters Mosquito Net, Dust Filter
Features Humidity Control, Ice Chamber, water indicator
Power 180 watts
Warrenty 1 Year

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  1. Dear Team,

    Thank you so much for providing the info …

    I have one query .. compare to symphony diet 50 how is the maharaja whiteline bravo …. which is the best to bring room temperature below 25 from 35..

    • Hi vivin,

      Sorry for late replay. Yes vivin maharaja bravo and rambo is very good coolers. If you have big room and Enough space for large cooler, just buy maharaja bravo without doubt.

      We have not much more info about bravo because we haven’t tried bravo cooler, but don’t worry we chceked maharaja rambo and both coolers are almost same.

  2. Hi
    Thanks for your valuble information.
    I have living room sized 150 square feet.I am very much confused between these choice….
    1)1Symphony Diet 12i
    2) Bajaj Tc 2007(here I’m getting 34 ltr tank in Rs 6300)
    3)Bajaj PX 97 Torque (but it’s user review is bad)
    4) Bajaj Tc 2008 (it’s not famous cooler)
    I will buy the air cooler after your advise.

    • Hey Manor,
      Sorry for the delayed response. We didn’t checked Bajaj Tc 2007,but shortly we check Tc 2007 and add in this list. We checked Bajaj PX 97 Torque last month, according to price it’s quality and performance are very good.

      According to your requirement we suggest you to buy:
      1. Bajaj Tc 2007
      2. Symphony Hi Cool
      2. Symphony Diet 22i

  3. Hi
    I am greatful for your suggestion.
    Bajaj Tc 2007 is strong in the paper but not much running product in this year.i don’t know why?
    Would you tell me it’s pros & cons over Symphony Diet 12i.bcause Both are under same price range.

  4. i want to buy cooler in 5000 to 12000. Par mein ise room ke liye nahi le raha hu.Kyuki ham sabhi ghar ke bhar angan mein sote hein.Please suggest which will be better

    • Hi Frazer,

      According to your requirement Symphony Hicool i 31 or Bajaj Coolest TC 2007 are best option for you.

  5. which is best cooler for me because there is no window in my room
    please suggest a cooler that cool whole room under 8000

    • Hi Aman,

      Sorry For the delayed response. According to your requirement Symphony 22i, Cello Dura Cool and Bajaj TC 2007 best option for you.

  6. Hi below 10000 which cooler i should buy for 250 sq feet room
    Room temperature is more than a simple room temp.

    • Hi Aman,

      According to your requirement you need desert cooler, We recommend you first Symphony Hicool i 31, second:Maharaja Whiteline 45 Litres Atlanto and third:Maharaja Whiteline Rambo

    • Hi Nishant,

      According to your requirement Cello Dura Cool 30-Litre and Bajaj Coolest TC 2007 coolers are best option for you.

  7. i want to buying a room cooler which is the best cooler should i buy for the a room area 15×10 and it feet in small area.

  8. I want to buy air cooler in range 3000-6000 Rs. Please let me know which is the best air cooler for room area 200sqft. as I am staying at mumbai, co please consider the humidity level in atmosphere.

  9. I want to buy air cooler in range 3000-6000 Rs. Please let me know which is the best air cooler for room area 150 sqft

  10. I really need a best cooler. There is no window. But I don’t want tower coolers
    I want desert type coolers or portable.. so please suggest me which will be the best under 10k.

    • Hi Rahul

      Sorry For the delayed response. According to your requirement Maharaja Whiteline Rambo and Maharaja whiteline 45 Litres Atlanto are best options for you.

  11. Wanna buy air cooler in the range of Rs 10000 .. and want to use d same in dining, drawing hall and bedroom as per need… average room size is 20 x 20 feet… as I m in Delhi… consider d temperature up to 48* C and humidity also…

    • Hi Sachin,

      According to your Requirement Voltas 60 VE D60M Desert Cooler and Maharaja Whiteline Rambo Desert are best option for you.

  12. Or recommend me the best cooler after checking all this. And one more thing the cooler should not cover much space.
    I will compromise though but old help me with the best one.

  13. i live in hostel 20*10 ft room is on top floor. i want a cooler which i can use inside my room with closed doors and humidity problem is lowest in such conditions.
    kindly suggest me a good cooler for above conditions.

  14. I want to purchase an hi cooling air cooler, humidity control, water tanker capicity around 50-60 ltd, 50 sqyd. cooling area, dust filter, amount beetween 8000-12500/-, which can chilled the room and noise free also, can u suggest me a good air cooler

  15. Hi sir i need a cooler for my big lobby,it’s double height(duplex),also needs cooler which consumes less space just like tower cooler n cool the full lobby so kindly suggest me the best option

    • Hi Varun ,
      According to your requirement Voltas 60 VE D60M and Symphony Diet 50i are best option for you.

  16. Hi sir I live in kolkata where humidity is around 80%,please suggest a best cooler which will cool in such humid condition. My room size is about 120 sq ft. Range 5000 to 15000.

  17. i want cooler for 250 sq.ft. room i am confused between Maharaja Whiteline Rambo Desert Cooler ,Symphony Hicool i 31-Litre and havells freddo please advice me

    • Hi Dhanraj,

      Sorry For the delayed response.I think Maharaja whiteline Rambo best option for you compare to symphony Hicooi, according to your requirement.

  18. I want to buy a big cooler for my big room, which can chilled the room in 45 degree Celsius quickly. I live in Delhi so you can understand the temperature & humidity. But I am confused between Maharaja Whiteline Rambo & Bravo. So, please advice me. Should I choose between two or see something else.

    • Hi Satish,
      Sorry For the delayed response. According to your requirement Maharaja Whiteline Rambo best option for you.

  19. Dear Sir mere room ka size 150sqr fit h or last Flor pr h kisne brabar me koi or Flor bhi nhi h room ka tepm 45 degree raha hoga …..plz aaap mujhe 3000-5000 RS tk ka koi cooler suggest kre

    • Dear Shahid,

      Sorry for late reply. aap ki requirement ko nazar rakhte hum aap ko niche diye gaye 3 coolers suggest kar rahe he.

      1> Voltas 15 Personal Cooler VB-P15M
      2> Mc Coy Major Air Cooler

  20. Hi,

    I am looking for an air cooler with in the range of 5-10k. I am living in chennai. Can you suggest some best air cooler’s with in this range.

  21. Hi,

    I am looking for a cooler and the cost of it should be below 10k. Can you suggest me with the best cooler.

    • Hi Prathyusha,

      1> Bajaj Icon DC (Rs.9,499) –
      2> Cello 60ltr MARVEL (Rs.10,200)-
      3> Bajaj Glacier DC(Rs.9,400) –
      4> Symphony 50 ltr Diet 50i(Rs.9800)

  22. I need to buy a cooler for my 300 sq ft room . I live in Guwahati (Assam) . I live in 1st floor where there is no 2nd floor and the room remains hot. Kindly suggest.

  23. Kindly suggest me between
    1) Symphony 50 ltr Diet 50i
    2) Voltas 60 VE D60M
    3) Symphony Hicool i 31-Litre
    4)Bajaj Coolest TC 2007

    kindly suggest me as soon as poosible.



  24. Dear Sir

    Please suggest be a cooler for 300 sq ft room in Guwahati (Assam) between Rs 12000/-. Which one should be suitable .I live in 1st floor and above me is terrace . So the room is hot.

    1)Symphony 50 ltr Diet 50i
    2) Symphony Hicool i 31-Litre
    3)Bajaj Coolest TC 2007
    4) Bajaj Icon DC2015
    OR any Other

    Balaji Majumdar

  25. Hi
    sir mai mumbai mai rahta hu mere room ka size 10×15 Hai mere room ki divaro par full tiles lagi Hai. Ek hi window Hai .aur bahar ki hawa bilkul nahi aati .garmi ke dino mai without celling fan 5 minute bhi baithna mushkil Hai. Is halat mai Muze aisa cooler chahiye Jo mere room ko thanda rakh sake.
    aur Jo har tarah se behtar aur no.1 product ho. Price 10000 ek undar ho.
    Please immediately replay me.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Imtiyaz,
      According to your requirement, we suggest this two air coolers for you.

      1> Cello 60ltr MARVEL 60 Desert Cooler(Rs.10,269)

      2> Symphony HI-Cool I Air Cooler (Rs.8,899)

  26. hi which is the beat cooler to get we usually experience temp of 34degrees so i need something that blows very cool air.

  27. Hi sir I am looking forward for buying Symphony 35 litter touch new model which has arrived in the market my room is 100sqf does it suitable & i saw some reviews that it’s sond & air throw high please suggest me

  28. my room size is 200sq ft.I want to buy an air cooler below rs 8000 which can give me very cold and relaxable experience.So plz plz…immediately tell me which is best..?


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