Top 5 Best Headphones under 1000 (Over the head) – April 2017


We’re on a mission to provide you with the best headphones under 1000 Rs. As such, we’ve corralled our top rated reviews so that you can do all your research and make a purchase in one place. will help you find the truest, most comfortable headphones in the Indian market.

But don’t think we’re done updating this list once I’m been published. We update this list every month. If you have any questions, please comment on Post, and you can ask questions on twitter and Facebook.

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These are Best Over the head and Over the Ear Headphones under 1000 Rs


The JBL T250SI is the best headphones under 1000 Rs. I bought this headphone 3 years back from Flipkart and it still working good. On the design front, It has a sleek and stylish design. It is comfortable and looks elegant. The ear-cups are adjustable and cushioned, so they provide a comfortable and firm grip to your ear. I highly suggest this one for a music lover.

This headphone offer very good Bass effect and sound quality, thanks to pure Jul bass drivers. It come with Padded cushion, gives extra comfort when used. You can use the headphone for long hours without any discomfort. It is very lightweight, so you can carry it anywhere you go.

Buy now: (Low price Flipkart Rs.849)
Price 849 Rs
Cord/Cable Wired, 3.5mm pin
Microphone No
Color Black
Weight 100gm(lightweight)
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Frequency 20 – 20000 hertz

2Skullcandy S5LHZ-J576

The Skullcandy S5LHZ is our second choice in the list of best headphones under 1000 Rs. If you concerned more with style than audio quality, would love Skullcandy S5LHZ. These headphones have stylish look with a premium feel. You have various color options with this one like Charcoal Black, Royal blue, White gray and Burgundy red. Sound quality wise, It produces very clear sound with average Bass. We don’t recommend this headphone for bass lover. If you are a Bass lover then go for Sony MDR-XB250.

Buy now: (Low price Flipkart Rs.1000)
Price Rs.1000
Color Charcoal Black, Royal blue, White gray and Burgundy red
Microphone No
Frequency response 15 – 22000 Hz
Warranty 1 Year

3Sony MDR-XB250 Extra-Bass

The MDR -XB250 is another best headphones under 1000 Rs by Sony. On the design front, it looks very stylish and premium. The swivel folding design lets you fold your headphones and keep it in a bag thus ensuring improved portability. Its mold band headband gives you customized, ergonomic fit to your head irrespective of the shape of your head without adding any pressure.

It has an L-shaped stereo mini plug which is gold plated and prevents damages by moisture and corrosion. Its Y-shaped flat serrated cable gives durability and strength along with crystal clear sound and prevents tangling. You will also notice that it is very comfortable to wear. The 30 mm drivers give out extreme bass quality for headphones in this price range. If you are a bass lover, go for it.

Buy now: (Low price Amazon Rs.999)
Price Rs.999
Color Black, White
Microphone No
Frequency response 5 – 22000 Hz
Sensitivity 100 dB/mW (Power On)
Cord 120cm cord length, 3.5mm pin
Warranty 1 Year Domestic Warranty

4Motorola Pulse 2 (With Mic)

The Motorola Pulse 2 is fourth best over the ear headphones under 1000 Rs. On the design front, Body is made of plastic and the head rest has got foam padding covered with faux leather. This headphone is extremely lightweight and comfortable, you hardly feel it when you are wearing it. Build quality and finishing are very good compared to its price. You can easily store pulse 2 while not using, thanks to it’s rotating ear cups design.

The Pulse 2 offers very good sound quality and Bass with balanced Treble. This headphone’s sound output is also louder when compared with others, but as mentioned if you are in a crowded environment, with a lot of background noise this onw will not be that effective. It’s also come with an inbuilt microphone with a single button. You can play or pause a track, or skip to the next one, with this button.

Buy now: (Low price Flipkart Rs.750)
Price 750 Rs
Cord/Cable Wired, length 1.2 m, 3.5mm pin
Microphone Yes
Color Black, White
Weight 100 gm
Warranty 1 Year
Frequency 18 – 23000 Hz

5Audio Technica ATH-S100

The Audio Technica S100 is our fifth choice in the list of best over the head headphones under 1000 Rs. On the design front, it looks very stylish and lightweight, but low on comfort and build quality. Its plasticky body feels flimsy and you can wear this headphone for a long time. These headphones feature swivel folding, making it easily portable.

On the sound front, these overhead headphones deliver pretty decent sound quality and powerful bass response at this price. The high sealing earpads leak less sound so the people around you won’t get disturbed even when you are grooving to the loud music.

Buy now: (Low price Flipkart Rs.1000)
Price 1000 Rs
Cord/Cable Wired, length 1.2 m, 3.5mm pin
Microphone Yes
Color Black, Yellow, Blue
Sensitivity 104 dB/mW
Warranty 1 Year
Frequency 22000 Hz

6Sennheiser HD 180

The Sennheiser HD 180 is the sixth best headphones under 1000 Rs. It is a pair dynamic stereo ultra-affordable headphones. Its sound clarity is on par with some of the higher models. The HD 180 are very comfortable to wear, and the tough construction will last for long-term use. Noise leakage is at a minimum, and the overall sound is balanced with decent bass. It’s targeted to budget music lovers. If you searching for a budget friendly headphone for movie watching and gaming, then this one is a right choice for you. We don’t recommend this headphone for a traveler.

Buy now: (Low price Amazon Rs.949)
Price Rs.949
Microphone No
Color Black
Weight 130gm(lightweight)
Warranty 2 Years Warranty Sennheiser India Warranty
Frequency 21 – 18000 Hz

7Sony MDR-ZX110

The Sony MDR-ZX110 is next choice in the list of best headphones under 1000 Rs in India according to amazing sound quality. This headphone has a stellar design, with a combination of matte and gloss finishes on the body that comes across as more premium than another at this price. This headset has a unique folding mechanism that allows the ear cups to twist inwards. You can easily store when you’re not using them and enhances portability when you’re traveling.

When it comes to audio quality, it’s 30mm driver units reproduce pure bass and clear treble in your songs. It’s also canceled ambient noise by a large degree thereby resulting in a better audio listening experience. We surprised, a headphone is comfortable even at loud volumes and does not cause strain or headaches.

Buy now: (Low price Amazon Rs.800)
Price Rs.800
Cord/Cable Wired, length 1.2 m, 3.5mm pin
Microphone No
Color White, Black, Purple
Weight 120gm
Warranty 6 Months Manufacturers Warranty
Frequency 12 – 22000 Hz

8Philips SHL3095BK (With mic)

The SHL3095BK is last best overhead headphones by Philips at this price range. This Philips headphone features a stellar design with a premium look. Its adjustable headband and ear shells make these headphones suit the shape of almost anyone’s head. It also has a 1.2m long cable with Flat Foldable design, so you easy to carry on the go.

This Philips SHL3095BK come with an inbuilt microphone with a pick-up button to enable you to receive calls easily. The Sound quality of this headphone is quite impressive. It has a very crystal clear sound with balanced bass that is basically not coming in this price range.

Buy now: (Low price Flipkart Rs.1000)
Price Rs.945
Color Black
Microphone Yes
Frequency response 10 – 22000 Hz
Sensitivity 106 dBmW
Weight 222 g
Warranty 1 year

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