5 best Washing Machine under 10000 Rs in India  (Updated January 2017)

Here, we’ve got a list of best Washing machine under 10000 Rs. Finding the right washing machine can be tough when you spending 10000 Rs. So chose the right one too from below list and save money for your beer mug. If you have any questions, please comment on Post, and you can also ask a question on Facebook and Twitter.

We update this list every weekend and we try our best to provide latest and best Washing machine for you. The great user experience matters more than specifications. So, we have considered everything, the build quality, durability, brand value, after sales service, real-world performance and more important user experience. We ranked washing machine using all the factors mention above.

1Haier 5.8 Kg HWM 58-020 Fully Automatic

The haier 5.8 Kg HWM 58-020 is best washing Machine under 10000 Rs. On the design front, it looks very stylish and compact. We surprised with the build quality of this washing machine, no any other machine come with this types of features at this price range. It has a 5.8 kg washer capacity and 6kg dryer capacity. You have two colours option for this machine, White and red-white.

On the top, it has a water in connector and time display let you knows the process time of the cycle. It has a six Wash program and four water level setting. We surprised with Haier customer service after call within 12-hour engineer come at home for installation and demo. It also comes with memory function, so don’t worry about electricity cut. Thanks to Haier for 5-year warranty.

You just have to program the wash cycle before every separate washing schedule and rest is all done by the machine automatically. Place the machine in any suitable corner of your house where you can attach a permanent water connection to the machine. It consists of only one tub that takes care of both washing and spinning of the clothes.

Price Rs.10,500
Brand/Model Haier HWM 58-020
Type Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine
Washing Capacity 5.8 Kg
Dryer Capacity 6 kg
Weight 26 kg
Dimensions 50W X 88.2H X 51D
Features Control System, Timer, Start / Stop / Pause, Motor Overheating Protection, Memory Function, Hot / Cold Water Inlets
Body Features Adjustable Feet Front / Rear, Removable Top, Auto Door Lock, ABT Gasket, Rust Free Body, Rinse Cycle, Auto Weight, Aquastop, Rinse Hold, Aquaproof
Warranty 5 Year
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2Godrej GWF 580 A Fully-automatic

The Godrej WT600C is second best washing machine under 10000 Rs. On the design front, it looks very premium in silky grey colour, a body of this machine is very strong and durable. It is made up of high-grade plastic material that is non-breakable and therefore makes this washing machine highly durable. The washing machine has a capacity of up to 6 kgs. It also has 3 wash programs and three different water levels to let you choose one based on the type of clothes.

This washing machine comes with an auto-balance system which makes sure your clothes don’t get tangled during a wash cycle. It uses a pulsator technology which generates a 360-degree motion that cleans your clothes better. Employs an auto balance system that lets you save water and detergents even while washing heavily soiled clothes. It has auto shut feature and has wheels fitted between it to move it from one place to another.  This washing machine by Godrej comes along with 2 years Godrej India warranty. After delivery within 24-hour, engineer comes at home for installation and demo.

Price Rs.10,000
Brand/Model Godrej WT600C
Type Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine
Washing Capacity 5.8 Kg
Dryer Capacity
Weight 29.5 kg
Dimensions 56W X 90H X 55.5D
Features Hot / Cold Water Inlet: Cold, Temperature Selection: Cold, Auto Balance System, Technology: Pulsator
Body Features Transparent Lid
Warranty 2 Year
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3Onida 5.8 kg Fully Automatic

The Onida WO60TSPLN1 is third best washing machine under 10000 Rs. This machine comes with a capacity of 5.8 kg is ideally suited for small-cum medium size families. On the design front, come With contemporary design facility and anti-rust fibre body. This ultra-modern washing machine comes with a stainless steel inner drum that spells durability and long lasting service. Apart from providing the best wash sans any damage caused to sensitive garments. While the inbuilt heavy duty castor wheels allow easy shifting of the unit.

This washing machine automatically gives best washing treatment to your clothes. Furthermore, the 8 Wash Programs make this washing machine suitable to wash different kinds of fabric without damaging them. Star Drum of this washing machine provides a quality wash without damaging clothes while reducing water consumption. The Water Saving feature stores excess water from rinses which can be used for other purposes such as floor cleaning. It is come with 2 years ONIDA India warranty.

PriceRs.10,990Brand/ModelOnida WO60TSPLN1TypeTop Load Fully Automatic Washing MachineWashing Capacity5.8 KgDryer Capacity-Weight27 kgDimensions52cmW X 53cmH X 90cmDFeaturesWater Cycle Duration, Water Level Settings, Control Panel, Water inlet Hose; Drain Hose, Memory Backup, is specially designDetergent DrawerBody FeaturesTransparent LidWarranty2 Year

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4Panasonic NA W65B2RRB 6.5 kg Semi Automatic

The Panasonic specially designed this machine for the Indian family. On the design front, It comes in red colour with rounded edges and a translucent lid which adds heavily to its appearance. It also has a unique anti-rust body that makes the washer durable and eliminates the risk of electric shocks.

The Auto Soak option of the machine lets you soak your clothes in the detergent water before starting your wash cycle to ensure the best removal of dirt. There are 2 wash programs for washing clothes in different stages for better cleaning. This machine come with lint filter to remove all the lint from your clothes. It also has a spin only function in case you want to remove excess water from wet clothes.

Price Rs.8,200
Brand/Model Panasonic NA-W65B2RRB
Type Semi Automatic Top Load
Washing Capacity 6.5 Kg
Dryer Capacity 6.5 Kg
Weight 32 kg
Dimensions 76cmW X 44cmH X 89cmD
Features Advanced Auto Restart Aquabeat Wash, Cassette Filter Double Action Pulsator
Body Features Chrome Knobs, Rust Proof Body, Transparent Window Display
Warranty 2 Year
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5LG 6.5 kg Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

The LG P7556R3FA is Fifth best washing machine under 10000 Rs with 6.5 kg capacity. On the design front, it’s look like typical washing machine,but build quality of this machine is very good. The Plastic body is tough and durable with more than 3mm thickness and rat repellent chemical, which makes sure no harm is caused to your machine in the presence of rats. You can now relax about rats cutting the internal wires of your washing machine which in turn affect the durability & performance. You have two color option in this machine, blue-white and red-white.

The machine has 3 different wash programs ensuring a safe and customized wash for every fabric type. It has collar scrubber which is a good feature, which gives hand wash quality to collars. After washing and rinse spin, the dryer comes with a powerful air jet technology for removing maximum moisture and provide best possible dryness in a single or multi spin, ready to Iron and wear. It is also come with 2 year lg India warranty.

Price Rs.10,600
Washing Capacity 6.5 Kg
Dryer Capacity 5.5 Kg Jet Dryer
Weight 36 kg
Dimensions 79.5cmW X 97.5cmH X 47cmD
Features Collar Cleaner, Hot / Cold Water Inlet: Cold, Anti Vibration Rubber, Wind Jet Dry, Spin Shower
Body Features Rust Free Plastic Base, Rat free
Warranty 2 Year
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6Whirlpool Superwash I-65 6.5 kg Semi Automatic

The Whirlpool Superwash i-65 is our sixth choice in the list of best washing machine under 10000 Rs. This product is packed to the hilt with unique and exciting features, which ensure superior washing and laundry with unmatched convenience. Design of this product is very simple, but build quality is very impressive. The Spin Shower spreads water evenly and rinses your clothes thoroughly, so you get detergent-free clothes with every wash. This washer features 2 wash programs for normal and heavy washing.

The Washer has a inbuilt scrubber, so it can easily remove dirt from hard-to-reach areas. Main part of this washing machine, it’s come with 1400 rpm max speed with electricity efficient technology. It’s not come with any sound buzzer for cycle completion. More information please check our specification table

Price Rs.10,600
Washing Capacity 6.5 Kg
Dryer Capacity 5 Kg
Weight, Dimensions 36 kg, 79.5cmW X 97.5cmH X 47cmD
Features In-built Scrubber, Spin Shower, In-built Scrubber, Spin Shower, Noiseless,
Body Features Metal outer body, Transparent Spin Window
Warranty 2 Year
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7Kelvinator 7.2 kg KS7253TR Semi Automatic

The Kelvinator KS7253TR has a 7.2 kg capacity is sure to enough for your big family. This washing machine features rust free plastic body that gives a clean and classic look. The wash drum is made of stainless steel. It has two wash programs and a 5 water level selector to choose the best wash cycle depending on the laundry load.

This machine employs pulsator method of washing and has a maximum spin speed of 740 RPM. Other features of this machine, it has a detergent tray, collar scrubber, wash timer, spin timer and a buzzer. This machine is provided with magic filter to remove lint. The washing machine fitted with castor wheels and can be easily moved around. It’s also come with child lock for safety.

Price Rs.8,700
Washing Capacity 7.2 Kg
Dryer Capacity 4.5 Kg
Weight, Dimensions 23 kg, 48cmW X 97cmH X 79cmD
Features Wash Timer, Wash Selector, Drain Selector, Spin Timer, Buzzer, Wash Tub, Spin Tub
Body Features Rust Free plastic Body, Spin Shower
Warranty 1 Year
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8Intex 6.2 kg WMS62TL Semi Automatic

If you are looking for compact sized and budget friendly washing machine for your mid-sized family, then this one is right choice. On the design front, it looks classy and stylish in two colors red-white and grey-white. This washing machine boasts an anti-rust, plastic body for durability. It comes with 2 wash programs, 2 year warranty and user friendly control panel.

This washing machine comes with pulsator technology and a lint filter to give you sparkly clean clothes after every wash. The appliance also comes with a maximum spin speed of 1350 rpm for more efficient and quicker drying. It has a closed base design prevent mice and other such pests from tampering with its wires and the 4 legs offer impeccable support.

Price Rs.6,600
Washing Capacity 6.2 Kg
Dryer Capacity 4.0 Kg
Weight, Dimensions 19 kg, 73.5cmW X 84.5cmH X 43cmD
Features Shock Proof, Smart Power Saving, Water Temperature, Sleek and Fashionable
Body Features ABS Control Panel, PP Base, Water Inlet Selector, Rust Free, PP Pulsator
Warranty 2 Year
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  2. This is a nice post about washing machine. This post has given the picture of best washing machine under 10000 or best model of washing machine under 10000 which will help the people to select a quality washing machine. So thanks for writing such a wonderful post.


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