New Nokia 3310 launched

New Nokia 3310 has a slim design and larger color display

Tomorrow the legend Nokia 3310 relaunch on MWC 2017 event. Today, Chinese site Vtechgraphy has shared more details about the phone. According to a new report, new Nokia 3310 will be a feature phone and not a smartphone. It won’t run Android and not comes with a camera.

According to a report, it will be slimmer and lighter than the old Nokia 3310. It has a larger color display instead of the 84 x 84 monochromatic one. Nokia 3310 will have a physical keyboard but the company readjusted the key size for batter look.

The new 3310 is also expected to be available in multiple colors, including red, green and yellow. The big advantage of the new Nokia 3310 will certainly be a battery life measuring in days rather than hours.



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